Recent papers (in most cases with links to working papers):

Does Higher Productivity Dispersion Imply Greater Misallocation? A Theoretical and Empirical Analysis” (with D. Brown and E. Dinlersoz). Working paper, 2016.

Finance and Growth at the Firm-Level:  Evidence from SBA Loans” (with D. Brown).  Journal of Finance, Vol. 72, 1039–1080, 2017.

Foreign Ownership and Wages:  Evidence from Firm-Level and Linked Employer-Employee Data in Hungary, 1986-2008” (with A. Telegdy and G. Antal).  Industrial and Labor Relations Review, 2017.

Is Privatization Working in Ukraine?  New Estimates using Comprehensive Manufacturing Firm Data, 1989-2013” (with D. Brown, S. Shpak, and V. Vakhitov).  Paper presented at the Conference on “Ukraine:  Escaping the Post-Soviet Legacy,” in Kyiv, April 2015. Under revision.

Job Creation, Small versus Large versus Young, and the SBA” (with D. Brown and Y. Morgulis).  NBER Working Paper 21733.  Forthcoming in Measuring Entrepreneurial Businesses: Current Knowledge and Challenges. (edited by J. Haltiwanger, E. Hurst, J. Miranda, and A. Schoar), NBER and University of Chicago Press, 2017.

Where does Privatization Work? Understanding the Heterogeneity in Estimated Firm Performance Effects” (with D. Brown and Á. Telegdy).  Journal of Corporate Finance, 2016.

The Productivity Consequences of Political Turnover: Firm-Level Evidence from Ukraine’s Orange Revolution ” (with S. Gehlbach).  American Journal of Political Science, Vol. 59(3), 708-723, 2015.

“The Impact of Privatization on Employment and Earnings.”  IZA World of Labor, 2014.

Do SBA Loans Create Jobs? Estimates from Universal Panel Data and Longitudinal Matching Methods” (with D. Brown). Working paper, first version 2012, revised 2013.

“Privatization” (with D. Brown and S. Gehlbach).  In the Oxford Handbook of the Russian Economy (M. Alexeev and S. Weber, eds.), Oxford University Press, 2013.

“Industrial Decline and Labor Reallocation in Romania.”  IZA Journal of Labor and Development, Vol. 1(1), 2012.

“Innovation, Adoption, Ownership, and Productivity: Evidence from Ukraine” (with D. Brown, H. Vakhitova and V.Zheka).  In In the Grip of Transition: Economic and Social Consequences of Restructuring in Russia and Ukraine (T. Brueck and H. Lehmann, eds.), Palgrave Macmillan, 2012.

Nature Versus Nurture in the Origins of Highly Productive Businesses: An Exploratory Analysis of U.S. Manufacturing Establishments” (with D. Brown), working paper, 2011.

Did Post-Communist Privatization Increase Mortality?” (with S. Gehlbach).  Comparative Economic Studies, Vol. 53(2), 239-260, June 2011.

Entry, Growth, and the Business Environment: A Comparative Analysis of Enterprise Data from the U.S. and Transition Economies” (with D. Brown), working paper, 2011 (first version).

Employment and Wage Effects of Privatization:  Evidence from Hungary, Romania, Russia, and Ukraine” (with D. Brown and A. Telegdy).  Economic Journal, Vol. 120(545), 683-708, June 2010.

“The Normalization of Deviant Organizational Practices: Wage Arrears in Russia, 1992-1999” (with A. Spicer and K.S. Peter).  Academy of Management Journal, Vol. 53(2), April 2010.

“Did Postcommunist Privatization Raise Mortality?” (with S. Gehlbach).  Summary in The Lancet, Vol. 375(9712), 372, January 2010.

Complementarity and Custom in Wage Contract Violation” (with K.S. Peter).  Review of Economics and Statistics, Vol. XCI(4), 832-849, November 2009.

Helping Hand or Grabbing Hand?  State Bureaucracy and Privatization Effectiveness” (with D. Brown and S. Gehlbach).  American Political Science Review, Vol. 103(2), 264-283, May 2009.

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